The city of Cacak is located in the mid part of central Serbia in Morava Region. It is 150 km far from Belgrade and apart from Cacak, Gornji Milanovac, Ivanjica and Lucani are in Morava Region.

Mostly located in the western Pomoravlje, the city of Cacak makes a connection between hilly area of Sumadija in the north and hilly-mountainous areas of internal Dinaric Alpsin the south. Central part of the city is Cacak valley located among mountain Jelica in the south, Ovcar and Kablar in the west and Vujan in the north, while in the east it is open towards Kraljevo valley. These beautiful mountains surround Cacak valley, the city of Cacak and the flow of the West Morava.

The territory of the city occupies area of 636 km2, and as far as relief is concerned it can be divided into:

-Cacak valley with sea altitude from 200m to 300m
-Hilly area of the altitude from 300 m to 500 m
-Mountainous area of the altitude from 300 m to 985 m . Mountains Jelica with (929 m), Ovcar (985 m), Kablar (885 m), and Vujan (857 m) surround Cacak valley through which the river West Morava flows whose length is 318 km. The area of the valley is over 270 km, it is about 40 km long and it offers excellent conditions for agriculture.

According to the census from 2002 in Cacak municipality there were 117, 072 inhabitants. In the city of Cacak there were 73, 217 citizens according to the same source.