Public institution Tourist Organization of Cacak was founded by Municipality Cacak on 26th December, 1997. Our main activities are improvement and promotion of tourism in Cacak, initiating building of tourist infrastructure, organizing and participation in tourist and other manifestations and events, as well as other activities connected with tourism.

Tourist Organization of Cacak is determined to manage protected region of exceptional characteristics–Ovcar-Kablar Gorge by the Regulation of the Government of Republic of Serbia. To visitors TOC (Tourist Organization of Cacak) offers tourist information, organizes city sightseeing tours and its vicinity, cruising by catamarans through protected region of exceptional characteristics >Ovcar-Kablar gorge>,  guided tours of the city, etc.

In the aim of better presenting of tourist offer of the city of Cacak and its vicinity, TOC also has activities in designing and printing propaganda materials, prospectuses and brochures, posters, postcards, recording of promotional films and working out souvenirs which are distributed in the city of Cacak as well as at numerous domestic and foreign fairs, presentations and other gatherings and events.

Tourist organization of Cacak is organizer and co-organizer of numerous tourists, cultural and sports events, out of which the most visited, are Kupusijada in Mrcajevci and Flute Contest in Prislonica.

Regulations which regulate institution work

Public institution ‘Tourist Organization Cacak’ works in accordance with regulative of Law of Tourism, Law of Public Services, Salary Law in state bodies and public services, Labor Law, Environment protection Law, Statute and other general acts of the institution, as well as with other positive regulations which are in domain of the institution.